QuestionDid getting your lip pierced hurt? I really either want to get snake bites, a lip ring or angel bites :D Answer

Nope :)

QuestionI think we should be best friends Answer<:>
QuestionYou are quite beautiful Answer

Why thank you :)

QuestionWhy are you so attractive.? I like your face. ;-; Answer

Thanks :D



QuestionOk so basically, Im friends with a person on fb called Shane Moore and Ive told them lots of things and I just found out today that theyre fake.. So I reported them.. I just feel so stupid ya know? Just thought Id let you know that theres more people faking you. Answer

He’s scum

Questionare you real? cause my friend was on meetme and seen someone with the name jeff lover with your pic but one photo looked copied so she searched it on google and another person said that was them and went by the name david. Answer

Yes, and that’s highly irritating, the entire reason I don’t post anymore is all these fakes :L check my watermarks :)

QuestionHi \(O//3\\O)/ Answer


Questionwhoever took your pictures and stuff fucking catfished my friend. Sucks and stuff he stole your pictures, but it seems he's a piece of shit in general. Answer

Well fuck whoever this person is :L please if you see this go report shaneoverboard or whatever he’s called

Anonymous Asked
QuestionI see you're trying to rid the internet of your "Shane Overboard" impersonator... :( reported the IG but I cannot report Twitter - sorry mate - looks like you'll have to report him yourself - hope he gets deleted - people need to stop stealing images of other and using them as their own - so sad. Good luck w/ removing him. He seems quite persistent. Cheers. Answer

So are most parasites D: and thank you so much for the help whoever you are :) I’ll try ^.^